Mental Health First Aid Basics (English)

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Extensive research projects and applications and ambitious – the requirements of everyday university management are becoming increasingly complex. Mental health problems in the workplace of the university are more common than we might expect and the symptoms can affect performance of students and employees seriously due to problems with concentration, memory, decision-making and motivation. Providing Mental Health First Aid when somebody shows early signs and symptoms of a mental health problem can assist the person to return to usual performance more quickly.


The course gives input on signs and early symptoms of mental health problems as well as communication skills to address your concerns.


Target group: Co-Workers, safety managers and leaders


Goal: Awareness and Skill-Training for Mental Health First Aid


Formate: Online-Workshop, 3x2 h Englisch




Becoming aware of mental health problems

  • Signs and symptoms of mental health problems at work
  • How work can contribute to mental health problems
  • Roads to resilience - keep up with the daily challenges


Making an appropriate first approach

  • Notice behavioral changes
  • Address your concerns
  • MHFA - getting an idea of Mental Health First Aid

Methods: Theory Input – Exchange – Discussion, Self- Experience, Communication techniques



Coach: Astrid Wilhelm - Psychological Psychotherapist and Coach - systemic health coaching


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